Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Curves and Swerves!

It has been a long time since posting but I had to let everyone know about the Curves in Manchester Georgia.

The first time I joined this I wasn't sure that this was going to work... I mean I have been on all the diets, Gold's Gyms. Jack Lalaine, and so on. I always went overboard and hurt myself then ended up quitting.

Curves is the first place that I have benefitted from. I haven't hurt myself, I haven't overdone it and I have succeeded in my weight loss. I have 10 pounds left to be at my perfect weight.

Started at 189lbs in February 2008 and today November 18, 2008 I am 145lbs and wearing a confortable size 8 jean. Amazing....... freaking' wonderful. I can run up stairs now instead of breathing so hard that I feel dizzy, I have more energy and when I do not workout I feel drained.

I added more exercise to my routine at home and over did those and I have stopped exercising for about a week now and I am miserable. So maintain a good pase and never try to over do. Just put your self in your comfort zone then do one more until that is your comfort zone. I PROMISE , IT Works!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curves or Not to Curves?

When I started this site it was my first week of Curves. Now in my seventh month and 30 pounds lighter, 2 jean sizes smaller, I am positive the results Curves gives you.

I have dieted and exercized all my life, always been a large girl but this has been the easiest yet and I have made several nice friends along the way.

I got brave and tried a step aerobic class Monday night, here it is Thursday and I am still having problems walking. Yes, this class was challenging and will be beneficial in my future, but I must slowly build up to this level. Curves has taught me that repetitions is key, increasing repetitions at your own physical ability is vital. Anything more than that will deter you from being successful.

So Curves here I come! Increasing my repetitions and pushing harder. I can't wait to see what the next seven months hold for me.

Your Partner at Curves
Lisa T.